International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A (2020)

A comprehensive review on herbal cosmetics


Apeksha V Masal, Pallavi G Dhaware, Anushri S Baral and Anuja S Pawar


India has long history in development of Ayurveda, Unani, siddha, homeopathy. Humans are blessed by natural beauty. To enhance the beauty the herbal cosmetics helps a lot. Various beauty products having herbs are used to look delightful and youthful. Now days, demand of herbal cosmetic is growing in globe market and is an irreplaceable gift of nature. It doesn’t have any side effects as synthetic products. Herbs contains leave, steams, flower and seeds which are not only used to enhance beauty but also used for nourishing, healing and smoothing appearance.
This paper will review on different herbal products, formulation along with research based knowledge and it is concerned about preparation and formulation of herbal cosmetics.

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Apeksha V Masal, Pallavi G Dhaware, Anushri S Baral and Anuja S Pawar. A comprehensive review on herbal cosmetics. Int. J. Pharmacognosy Pharm. Sci. 2022;4(1):89-92. DOI: 10.33545/27067009.2022.v4.i1a.57
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